Azienda: Clementoni
Designer: Marco Mengoni e Clementoni
Anno: 2019
Nazione: Italia

Atlantico is the new board game inspired by the Mengoni album of the same name. Everything is developed around the concept of travel, but also of art, beauty and attention to the environment. Atlantic is an alternative way to learn more about peoples, cultures, races and religions. Both the packaging and the internal components are made of recycled and recyclable material. This attention stems both from a personal commitment of the artist and from Clementoni's desire to activate its production towards more sustainable and environmentally friendly ways. The box has a case format with compostable plasticization to resist bumps and scratches, which allows the abolition of the shrink plasticization that a traditional bottom and lid box requires. The classic plastic bags with hermetic closure for pawns have been replaced by bags made of 100% recycled paper, and the use of cardboard tokens to replace plastic ones has also been designed.