Azienda: Ethical Grace
Designer: Ioana Fuga e Silvia Griglio
Anno: 2017
Nazione: Italia

All the packaging containing the product are designed and conceived in total respect for the environment, presenting themselves with an evocative form of origami. They consist of paper obtained with 55% of pure FSC-certified cellulose, 40% of FSC-certified recycled fibers, and the remaining 5% of hemp fibers. All packaging is folded manually by the company, as well as their production, canning and sale. After its use, if you don't want to keep it as a design object, you can throw it directly into the paper and thus start a new recycling phase, which will bring the packaging to a new life. The reduced environmental impact and the creation of a circular economy that does not involve waste, but the regeneration of new products, distinguishes not only the packaging, but every single nuance of the business.