Azienda: Nivel srl
Designer: Daniele Simi
Anno: 2010
Nazione: Italia

Biolù is a dispenser for dispensing dishwashing detergent on tap. The bottle is refilled directly from the tap which allows the product to be dispensed once opened. The graphic on the sleeve cover helps the user in recharging operations, illustrating the environmental benefits brought about by this type of purchase which facilitates the circular economy. The L1 bottle is refillable every time the consumer finishes the product and the L20 canister, once empty, is returned to the manufacturer, sanitized and refilled. The whole process is carried out with the aim of reusing all packaging without waste. The Biolù Dishes BIO on tap L20 product is part of a much broader project of detergents on tap that counts, under the Biolù brand, more than 30 references between household cleaning and personal hygiene products. The resale points with Biolù dispensers on tap are located in about 2000 points of sale in a homogeneous way throughout Italy.