Blockbuster Box




Azienda: Pizza Hut Hong Kong
Designer: Gianluca Crudele
Anno: 2015
Nazione: Cina

The packaging, designed to attract the attention of users in an innovative way, reinterprets the simple Pizza Hut pizza box, adding a second function, namely that of a projector. It is only necessary to frame the QR code and place the smartphone inside the box to enjoy the films offered by Pizza Hut. The characterizing element of the packaging are the illustrations on the lid, inspired by the genre of free film accessible by scanning the QR code. The use of colors refers to the "Pizza Hut" logo, while the naming, "Blockbuster Box" alludes to a box that contains the ingredients for a very successful evening, namely pizza, film and projector. These elements are also represented by the letter "O" of Box, which can look like both a pizza in a box and a projector lens.