Azienda: Allianz Global Assistance
Designer: BOTTA Packaging
Anno: 2020
Nazione: Italia

Eco-Net is a protective corrugated cardboard net, which fits directly inside the box and adapts perfectly to the content, thanks to its particular shape. It is a packaging that combines innovation and design, ensuring the protection of products throughout the entire logistics chain, and proving to be a perfect protective product for e-commerce and the luxury sector, as it ensures a surprise effect at the moment of unboxing by the final consumer. Eco-Net is available in different standard sizes so that you can use a single interior for multiple products and for the same size of boxes, reducing the waste of materials and optimizing the overall dimensions. It can also be customized with the printing of logos or messages in order to facilitate communication between the brand and the final consumer. This packaging was created in a customized version for Allianz Global Assistance.