Azienda: Adercarta
Designer: Adercarta
Anno: 2019
Nazione: Italia

The packaging looks like a bag made of a special semi-transparent white paper, cold coated with a very thin layer of eco-friendly resin, which makes it waterproof. On the front of Eco Sacco Barriera, there are decorative brushstrokes accompanied by an iconographic image relating to the product category, summarized with a single keyword. On the back there is information on the nature of the packaging and on how to recycle. The choice of using cold colors refers to the natural habitat of the product: the sea. The fish is represented on the front of the bag, through an iconic language, below which there is a further reference to the product. The communication reserves an entire side dedicated to the description of the packaging, with reference to the origin of the materials used and the methods of recycling.