Azienda: Pedon S.P.A.
Designer: Pedon S.P.A., Favini e Luca Print
Anno: 2020
Nazione: Italia

The food company Pedon, in collaboration with Favini and LucaPrint, has created an eco-sustainable paper obtained according to a circular economy model. Their legume processing waste, instead of being eliminated, is recovered and used. With this new Crush Paper, the use of virgin fiber is reduced by 17%. The product's dress takes shape from it: an FSC certified and GMO Free case, which contains 17% of legume waste and does not need an inner bag. The packaging is 100% recyclable since the transparent PLA window is obtained from the processing of corn, therefore compostable. The inks used on the packaging are all ecological. Communication is certainly the greatest strength of this packaging. Note the use of colors: yellow and orange are in fact often used in food packaging, while brown is used for products that respect the environment. On the back of the package, in addition to the instructions for the preparation of the product, there is also precise information about the packaging itself. The ethical message, as well as through the material composition of the packaging, is also conveyed by a circular mirror that testifies to the company's attention to humanitarian projects: Pedon, with lentil pawn, supports the activity of the Food Bank.