Azienda: Librottiglia
Designer: Reverse Innovation Design team
Anno: 2015
Nazione: Italia

Conceived and created by the Reverse Innovation agency, Librottiglia is the encounter between the tasting of excellent wines and the pleasure of reading. The characteristics of each product are combined with a narrative genre, to give life to eno-literary experiences based on the perfect balance between the sensory suggestions and the scenarios imagined in the stories. Six authors have been involved in this collection of small and exciting stories that accompany the wine selection. The special 375ml format was chosen as the ideal container to express the concept of the project: a short story to read while sipping two glasses of an excellent wine. Librottiglia proposes a dialogue with an audience that aspires to a product to collect: wine and literature enthusiasts, interested in immersing themselves in a complete experience in a short space of time to dedicate to themselves.