Azienda: Magal
Designer: Magal, Edoardo Maria Maggiolo
Anno: 2016
Nazione: Italia

The packaging of the Magal symbolic jewelry line from the Daniela Vettori company is made using the paper from the company's old invoices. Thus, thanks to the comparison with the creative Edoardo Maria Maggiolo, the recycled paper envelopes to be used as packaging are born. With the help of a valiant seamstress, the bags are sewn with cotton thread. The result is an irregular paper envelope, of different sizes and thick grains, which is well suited to the idea of the jewels it contains. In fact, the various sheets of paper made by Maggiolo turned out to be all unique pieces, just like the jewels they contain, which are handcrafted one by one in the goldsmith's workshop in Vicenza.