Azienda: Thinkersoup
Designer: Thinkersoup
Anno: 2017
Nazione: Italia

Thinkersoup is a startup, conceived by Alessandro Ferraresso, specialized in packaging design for fresh and processed fruit and vegetables. Thinkersoup has developed three principles of design approach: rational, responsible, fresh. The rational means to reduce the packaging to a minimum, without compromising its function, while with the responsible, the packaging must not only be recyclable or compostable. All these characteristics must be adequately communicated to the consumer, because it is communication that makes these peculiarities tangible and real. Thinkersoup is based on the idea that it is important to communicate through packaging, but that it is also necessary to communicate the packaging itself. Precisely for this reason, the recycling symbol has been made visible on the back of the package, so that the consumer is attracted to purchase not only by the product but by the packaging itself, which follows a sustainable ethics. The graphics, which portray a tractor and peasants, are also of importance, indicating the freshness and natural derivation of the product.