Azienda: Tic Toys
Designer: Tic Toys
Anno: 2013
Nazione: Germania

Tualoop is an outdoor game that combines the use of a flying saucer and a ball, thus allowing you to exercise while playing outdoors. The game is placed in a bag, which has the capacity to hold a ring, four sticks and eight mini sticks, so you can carry the material anywhere. In the shop, everything is placed in a micro-corrugated cardboard package on the surface of which is applied a large label representing the name of the game and photographs relating to how to use the product. The box takes on a shape on the inside that facilitates the insertion of the game components, allowing them not to get damaged during the transport phase. Everything is made with renewable raw materials: the packaging is in cardboard, while the bag is made of 100% Fairtrade certified cotton, produced in an ethical bag factory. On the upper surface of the box, in which the name of the game is highlighted, there are photographs relating to the methods of use, a QR Code code that allows the viewing of a video, the origin of the product, the safety certifications and of environmental protection.