Azienda: Tubettificio Favia s.r.l.
Designer: Tubettificio Favia s.r.l.
Anno: 2015
Nazione: Italia

The package consists of two main elements: a box with a cardboard lid and a 100% recyclable aluminum tube containing the product and its capsule made of compostable plastic material. The Favia pipe factory is committed to using aluminum as a material to make pipes to preserve the content, shielding it from external agents and contact with oxygen and avoiding waste, since aluminum is an ecological material, infinitely recyclable. and that it consumes little energy for its production. The main feature of the package consists in the artistic representation of a hand painted with the representation of a tropical fish; this underlines the type of product contained, that is a hand cream and the exotic origin of the ingredients that compose it. On the back of the box there are indications in English regarding the quality and sustainability of the product, the designer, the ingredients and the end of life. Specialized in the use of 100% recyclable aluminum tubes, the Favia tube has developed an innovative digital printing technique, TObeUNIQUE, which allows you to print both the tube and the capsule with a single process, allowing you to create anti-counterfeiting packaging .