zao makeup



Azienda: Cosm’Etika France
Designer: David Reccole
Anno: 2012
Nazione: Francia

Zao Make-Up is the meeting of a team, animated by the desire to offer products that respect the planet and people. For a beauty that takes care of the skin and nature, Zao has created cosmetics certified Bio by Ecocert, 100% natural and Vegan. Eco-design is at the center of our thinking. That is why, the primary packaging is in bamboo and the secondary packaging is in cotton or bamboo fiber. In addition, the innovative system of Zao refills makes each product ecological and economical: you can easily replace the product by buying the refill only and keeping the bamboo container to reuse it indefinitely. For the disposal of refills, the Eco-Box has been introduced in our stores, where customers can bring used ZAO refills to be disposed of without impacting the environment.