Azienda: Offmar S.r.l
Designer: Guido Matta
Anno: 2018
Nazione: Italia

Thanks to its wave padding, WaveBag combines the need to protect the content and aesthetic pleasure, with an eye towards environmental sustainability. Wave Bags have a protective inner layer made up of paper "waves" that give the bag greater rigidity and strength. The drop and resistance tests conducted by certified laboratories show a greater capacity to maintain protection compared to bubble mailers which after several uses suffer a loss of protection due to the depletion of the bubble itself. All phases of the product life cycle have been carefully studied to minimize the environmental impact. The FSC® certification testifies that all the paper used comes from responsible sources. While the Aticelca® 501 certification, obtained following tests conducted in the laboratory according to the UNI 11743: 2019 and EN13430 standards and the attachments (CR 13688), certifies the total recyclability in the domestic paper bin. This means that over 90% of the Wave Bag will be recycled and returned to the paper supply chain in the form of cellulose pulp.